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A Felt Hat in Osh

Diane in her new Felt HatOsh, our first taste of Kyrgyzstan! Famous for felt hats, rioting and crummy Soviet apartment blocks. People’s faces are already a bit different here – rounder, with narrower eyes, higher cheekbones and some rosy cheeks – more Mongolian plateau and Genghis Khan.

Actually it’s not too bad, and every now and then a little pepper pot lady or a tiny Munchkin man comes past wearing a funny little hat and a long coat.

The only problem is the funny felt hat lot don’t seem to like the little square hat lot much.

Men with square hatsMan with a felt hat

Anyway, I bought myself a felt hat in the market and it is neither of the above. I have a feeling I’m going to need it in the high mountains where we’re going.

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