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Xinjiang restaurantFive things we loved about Xinjiang

  • Spicy tasty food – great steaming woks of it and never forgetting the shashlik!
  • Old guys. A most attractive bunch with their white beards, embroidered skull caps and long coats, -and usually a friendly grin.

Old Men in Xinjiang

Islamic Architecture

  • Shabby but gorgeous Islamic architecture
  • The vineyards of Turpan – providing shady vines for the streets, sweet raisins to eat, and picturesque landscapes, but unfortunately no wine!
  • Not sure if we loved it exactly but the village wall art in Turpan deserves a mention. Extolling the virtues of hard work, learning Chinese, producing lots of fruit so that can buy a car, sending your children off to the big city etc. Whether you understand the writing or not, the message is loud and clear – do it the Chinese way!

Sacks of raisinsWall art

 Five things we didn’t love about Xinjiang

  • Dead sheep – does every Uyghur restaurant have to have sheep bits hanging up outside it?
  • Women with their whole face covered by a dark brown scarf – some old traditions are just crap.
  • The perpetual building work going on in Kashgar – has anyone asked the Uyghurs if they want their house knocked down and the whole neighbourhood redeveloped?
  • Blatant discrimination from Chinese officialdom and sullen non-cooperation from the locals.
  • Desert “development”; industrial sites, power lines, gravel excavations, workers’ apartment blocks, and general uglification everywhere you look.

more wall art

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